October 05, 2006

one more project

This one is for a challenge on a website called Wednesday Stamper (http://wednesdaystamper.wordpress.com/) Every week they have a theme for inspiration, and stamp artists post links to their projects on the Wednesday Stamper website. This is actually last week's challenge- House. I had it rattling around in my head for most of the week but I didn't get a chance to actually make it till tonight. Collage is not a skill I possess, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I used a Deluxe card template for the layout, and stamped images of things that make our house a home, thus my title is HOME, not just house.
The dog stamp didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped (Sedona isn't that dark colored in real life- LOL!), but I think the cats turned out pretty good- Phoebe is dark brown with darker ears and tail, and Cleo is gray and tan, with the more typical tabby markings. I inked the stamp with the base colors, then tapped on it with markers to add the accent colors before stamping it (I learned this at the stamp store last weekend when I picked up my Christmas stamps).

And so, once again, I'm going to bed late, but satisfied that this project is finished. Now, maybe I can just work on this week's theme (Hearts) before the week is done! Or maybe not... we'll see!

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J@cqueline's craft nest said...

If it was a comptetion I would have voted for this card!!