October 04, 2006

crafty update- inspiration and completion

I actually worked on some stamping projects the past few days... I had a number of things halfway done, and finally got them finished. Part of that is because Tom is out of town right now; I don't feel quite so bad about strewing my supplies all over the house when it's just me... Somehow my desk just isn't enough space! At least, not the way I create: I get everything down off my shelves that I might use, so that at the end of it, there's boxes of ink, at least 10-15 sheets of paper, scissors, punches, fibers, and tons of tiny little scraps all over the place.

I have a really disorganized way of working- I get lots of ideas for projects (most of them come to me at work), but I have to work at actually finishing them, because I start them all at the same time. Then, I end up working on two or three (three, last night) to finish them, but it gets late, and I usually need to quit before I really want to. I try to do some of the challenges on the 2peas stamping board, but I usually end up finishing them after the next challenge is already posted; unfortunately my inspiration and completion don't always happen on the same schedule.

This was an idea I had that turned out nothing like I planned. I stamped the heart ($1 stamp from Michael's- they have some really nice ones!) on patterned paper, then cut it out. I used my new "stitching" stamps to make the stems and leaves... I made three of these flowers and thought I'd put them all on the same card, but they turned out a bit too big, so I have two left to use somewhere else. I also stamped three or four different backgrounds, all with different stamps and colors of paper, before settling on this one, so I have those leftovers to use also.

This is a card I made for a male co-worker; I tried to make it masculine, but while designing it I realized I have a ton of flower and feminine-looking stamps. (this means that I need more stamps, of course! LOL!) This co-worker is probably only in his 50s (? I think- I'm no good with ages) and just had hip-replacement surgery... it was way past time for him to get it, but the timing never worked out to have it done. I was really excited to hear that he finally scheduled it... I remember how debilitated Mom was when she finally did hers, and how much better she was after it was done. (Remember, Mom?? I'm so glad you finally decided to do it, even though the recovery took some time, so you could do something so simple as walk without wincing in pain! I'm hoping you're glad you did it, too!)

This was another idea I had... I saw some of these scenes last fall at the Mesa stamping show, but never got around to trying it. I stamped the scene and colored it with chalk, then distressed the brown paper to make it look like rocks. I put some 3D foam tape between the layers to give it dimension. It's not actually a card, though- to make it the size I thought it needed to be, it turned out being something like 6 x 8 inches. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it was fun to finish it.

This was a technique I saw in a stamping magazine at the bookstore last weekend (a magazine I didn't end up getting... darn!) The butterfly was stamped with permanent ink on white paper, then the highlights were colored in with white crayon. After that, I watercolored over the whole thing- the crayon resists the paint, so the highlights stay white (I remember doing the same thing with Easter eggs). It didn't turn out too bad; I'll have to try it again.

I did make another card, but I can't post that one, because it was sent to my mom for her birthday- I hope you like it, Mom!! (it was tough- there was actually some math involved! LOL!)

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Sylvie said...

you did great cards Jennifer !! love them !!

Did you receive mine ? hope yes !!