July 23, 2006

one last craft project

It's safe to post this now, since I know the package got to its destination... I made this for Judy's birthday (the card, not the metal frame). I bought the shabby chic metal picture frame at a store here in Gilbert called Rustic Hutch. I thought it was just a small memo board till I saw it in a display labeled "picture frame." So, I made a piece of art to hang on it before wrapping it up... a dry-embossed, chalked flower and garden tools, some ki memories paper, and brown rickrack (never used!). I got the layout idea from the latest issue of Stamper's Sampler magazine, and just enlarged it to 5 x 7 inches. This issue is one of those ones that has tons of great ideas in... some issues don't have anything I like in- that's so annoying, when it happens, but not this time!

This was my last gasp of crafting, till I get my craft room set up in the new house (I must remember to leave enough room for the pull-out couch, since it's also going to be the guest room- LOL!)... and, once I finished it, I really wanted to keep crafting, but I knew I had to pack. Most of my stuff is packed up now, waiting to be moved- it's so sad, looking at all those empty shelves! But, also a good thing- maybe I can keep it a little more organized in the new space?!? (not hardly, but I'll try!)

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