July 30, 2006


Halfway is the word of the moment, here... things are unsettled in our apartment, and at the house, and I hate having things unfinished- being in the midst of chaos makes me feel chaotic inside, and makes it that much harder to get through it all. I told Tom I'll most likely be irritable and cranky for the next two weeks, just so he's prepared, and he understands- he's in the middle of his own irritableness and crankiness about all of it, too. The big thing to remember is that it's temporary, and there's a big payoff at the end of it, in terms of having a comfortable house, our own space to do our hobbies, and starting to finally feel "settled" in our new life here in AZ.

Here's what makes up the "Halfway" about things:

the painting at the new house is halfway done... only a bedroom, the hallways, and the accent walls to go yet- it should be done Monday.

the builder's repairs at the new house are halfway done (they should have been done Friday)

our street of houses in the new subdivision is halfway built...

half of what is already packed is at the new house (in piles and closets, where it is hopefully out of the painter's way)

Tom is halfway across the country to Baltimore, where he will be working till late Thursday night...

the apartment is halfway packed up, and needs to be mostly done by Friday night...

We are both more than halfway frazzled at how much there is to do yet-

pick up the truck Friday by 5 pm

empty out the storage unit into the truck Friday evening to avoid paying full August rent

drop Sedona off at the doggie day care/kennel by 7 am where she will stay till Sunday morning

pack the rest of the apartment into the truck Saturday and get it to Maricopa in one trip (with the help of our good friends Dean, Dennis, and Mike, also using Dean's and Mike's pickups if necessary) So much is encompassed into this one sentence, it's almost incomprehensible!

get the truck back to the Penske place by 5 pm Saturday evening

On the up side:

we (Tom, actually- he's super organized about these things) did get the utilities straightened out and in our names, decided on cable TV and internet service, and got a phone number (no, I don't remember what it is, yet- it has a lot of 5's and 8's in it, and the area code is 520, but that's all I remember)

we made a good decision when we chose to include blinds in with the purchase price of the house- one less thing to worry about picking out, they're already installed, and they really look sharp.

we also made a good decision when we decided to get the whole place painted, and having someone else do it is definitely a plus!

the refrigerator, washer, and dryer were delivered yesterday, and we like them all!

in less than two weeks, we will be out of our apartment, and well on our way to being settled in our house- then we can start to focus on turning it into a comfortable "home" to relax in.

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