June 18, 2006

a lazy Sunday

Well, not much on the agenda today- that is somewhat in self-defense, as you will see below...

Friday on my way to work, one of my new (less than 2 weeks old!) tires blew; thankfully it happened right outside the entrance to the parking lot, so I managed to limp into a parking space. One of my co-workers was nice enough to use his AAA membership to get my tire changed, so I could get home. (AAA is probably something to look into since we do so much driving, and the highways here are much larger than the ones I'm used to driving on in Illinois- I don't even want to think about having a flat tire on I-10, with 5 lanes of traffic one direction!)

Then, Tom called from the airport, on his way to Chicago, and said he had locked his keys in his car in the parking lot! (Thankfully, this was after he had gotten everything out of it.) After work, I drove to the airport, found his car, and took out the keys, just so they weren't in the ignition all weekend. Driving in places like that isn't exactly one of my favorite activities, but I managed to find the west economy parking lot, and even more miraculous, I managed to find his car relatively easily!!! (And, I managed to get out of the parking lot within the 10-minute grace period, so I wasn't charged for being there.)

Yesterday, I took my car back to Sears, where they replaced my tire- since it was within 30 days, I only had to pay the $1.52 environmental fee for disposal of the ruined tire. I asked the customer service manager "What are the odds of that happening?" and his reply was, "I've never seen it happen that soon." So, I'm just lucky, I guess- or is that unlucky??

I was thinking about driving down to Maricopa today, but decided after the last couple days of car issues that staying home is probably safest (at least mentally, anyway). So, Sedona and I are hanging out in the AC, watching the Food Network and doing some housecleaning. And, this evening, I will meet Tom at Terminal 4, to get his keys back to him. A lazy Sunday, but all I'm willing to take on, today.

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