June 11, 2006

finally, some progress...

So, there's been some progress! On Saturday, they were installing drywall. I caught them in the act; I didn't stay long, since I didn't want to be in their way. I only stayed long enough to see how far along they were (about halfway- the garage was totally completed), and that Tom's music room was insulated, as per the plan (it was!). The second and third pictures are for comparison- the second picture is from yesterday, looking across the street; the third picture is from the first time we looked at our home site. Quite a difference!!! It somehow shrinks down the scope of things a bit- without any houses, you can see all the way over to the palm trees at the entrance- now, the view is limited to the houses across the street.

I also took a drive to where Phase 2 of the Homelife Communities subdivision will be going up; alas, no more sheep- turns out where we saw the sheep is exactly where those houses will be built! Last weekend, we found out that the house plans for Phase 2 are totally different, and that we got a good deal... there are 6 or 7 house plans for Phase 2, only 2 of them are one-story, and those 1-story plans are only about 1300 square feet each!!

This weekend has gone by pretty slow, actually- probably because Tom is still gone (he'll be home on Wednesday night), so there wasn't much on my agenda. I went in to work yesterday, to make up for being out on Monday- I had to get new tires for my car, since I had a nail in one of them that wasn't repairable. I had needed new tires since before we moved, actually, but we had been putting it off. So, while my car hung out at the Sears Auto center, I hung out in Borders Books for a couple hours.

Today, Sedona and I have just been hanging out indoors, playing a little laser pointer tag, and taking a nap. Rough life- she gets to do that every day!

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