June 05, 2006

one more try...

because the first time, Sedona stepped on the power-strip switch, and "poof" my post was gone! That's what I get for playing ball with her while I'm trying to type, I guess... since we can't play outside...

because it's HOT! The temp in the shade by the front door is about 105; it only drops into the high 70s at night; not very "low" lows- we did have a couple weeks there where we could open the windows at night, because it got down to 70, or so, but no more of that for a while, unfortunately. I know it's hard to believe, but 105 degrees really doesn't feel that hot. (The only thing, though, is when it's windy out, it reminds me of standing in front of the oven with the door open.) Our apartment is nice, with all the windows, but the fact that they face west does pose a problem for our A/C... the thermostat is by the office, in the shade, so it's never as cool in the living room as it is in the office.

We've had a couple weeks of just doing pretty normal stuff; Tom was home till yesterday, which is one of the reasons that I haven't updated the blog in a while... so, let's see-

My birthday weekend was pretty nice, overall- Tom got me the first 2 X-Men movies, and we watched them (even though he doesn't really like sci-fi sorts of movies- what a guy!). We also did a couple things I've always wanted to do, which were bowling and miniature golf. We found out we're both too competitive to just have fun, darn it... both things were fun, overall, but we both wished we knew how to bowl- the guys in the next lane were bowling in the high 100s, while we were lucky to just get the ball down the lane. My highest score for bowling was 75, I think, which was also about what my miniature golf score was- crappy scores for both sports!

We also went out to dinner and a movie with our friend Dennis recently; we saw the animated movie Over The Hedge, which is about woodland animals trying to live on the edge of suburbia (and steal all sorts of junk food, etc. from the suburbanites). My favorite character was a hyperactive red squirrel named Hamilton- there was a hilarious scene of him following a laser pointer across a roof, down a downspout, and across the yard, which is how Sedona plays with it!

Saturday we headed down to Maricopa, to check out the house- the last couple weeks, we've been sort of disappointed because it doesn't look like much is happening- no insulation, no drywall... But we did find out that it just passed the frame inspection on Friday, so hopefully this week they'll get going on it again. Our sales associate is still trying to tell us she may get us a June closing, but I'm pretty sure she's just saying that to make us feel better... and, we'd rather it be done right than quick, in the end.

Tom left for the east coast on Sunday, for another whirlwind trip (he'll be gone at least a week, but I say whirlwind because they try to cram so much into these trips). I don't even remember where all he'll be, except that I know right now he's driving to the New Jersey coast from the Pittsburgh area (I think).

Well, back to the ball-playing puppy, so I get her good and tired out before this evening!


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