June 18, 2006

House update

There were supposed to be pictures in this post, but I for some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload them- so, you will have to imagine walls and ceilings full of drywall and nails! We drove down on Thursday afternoon, since that's the only time Tom had to see it, in between business trips and his weekend trip to Chicago. The drywall was all finished; this week they should be doing the mudding and taping. (After that, the timeline should be something like: stucco, roofing tiles, flooring, and cabinet installation.)

Last week we got "The Letter" from Homelife Communities, our builder, scheduling the Buyer Orientation Walkthrough- it's set for July 21st. This means it will be finished by that date!!! And, our house will be ready for occupancy on July 26th, after 4 pm. This gives them time to fix any issues we find during our walkthrough, and allows a couple days for the closing documents to be signed and the loan/escrow to be finalized.

So, pretty soon, our weekend trips will be stopped- our real estate agent Julie says that usually once they put the appliances in, they lock the doors (to avoid theft), so after that we won't be able to get in till the walkthrough. I guess those kinds of thefts aren't uncommon- Julie said she's heard of $15,000 worth of kitchen cabinets being stolen (I hope the thief had the same size kitchen!), and I've even heard of thieves cutting out the pieces of copper pipe from the plumbing in new construction, to re-sell as scrap.

It's pretty exciting, even though there will still be lots of work- we're not planning to give notice till mid-month, so we won't have to be out of our apartment till the end of August. This gives us time to do some painting, re-do some of the lighting, install the ceiling fans, stuff like that. And move all our stuff, of course!!!

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