January 12, 2006

more blog inspiration

I have found tons of scrapbooking blogs out there that are chock-full of inspiration and interesting stuff. Here are a few of them, in no particular order (maybe alphabetical, since that's how they came off my favorites list... these are some of the "professional" scrappers; they work in the SB industry, designing for books, magazines, etc. http://aliedwards.typepad.com/ Ali Edwards: SB designer and author

http://cathyzielske.typepad.com/bits_and_pieces/ Cathy Zielske: Simple Scrapbooks magazine and SB book author

http://stacysbigpicture.typepad.com/ Stacy Julian: Simple Scrapbooks magazine editor

http://tenasprenger.typepad.com/ Tena Sprenger, book author, designer

There also seems to be a big SB industry presence in this part of the country- perhaps it's because of the proximity to Utah, where SB first got big, or California? Anyway, it's kind of neat-

Bazzill Basics paper company is headquartered outside Phoenix... I love their cardstock! http://www.bazzillbasics.com/

One of my local SB stores Scrapbooks, etc. has classes on their calendar taught by Heidi Swapp http://heidiswapp.typepad.com/ (she has designed a trendy line of SB stuff- stamps, rub-ons, etc. out right now that's really popular)

The store calendar also has a class by Eva Flake, who designs for Bazzill ( http://www.scrapjazz.com/reviews/283 Bazzill book by Eva Flake ),

and an all day class taught by these two ladies: http://www.carolwingert.typepad.com/ Carol Wingert, book author, designer (who happens to live in Gilbert, AZ)

and http://tenasprenger.typepad.com/ Tena Sprenger, book author and designer

So, one wonders, how do you get into this sort of thing, anyway??? More importantly for me, since I probably won't break into the SB "biz" anytime soon, if ever, how many of these local celebrities (at least they're celebrities in the SB-ing world!) could I meet if I went to the spring Creating Keepsakes convention in Mesa in April??? I'm going to put it on my calendar, just in case!

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