January 14, 2006

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th might not have been so bad after all...

I had a job interview for a customer service-type position (requirements- HS diploma, call-center experience and a familiarity with medical terminology) through a staffing agency. The supervisor doing the interviewing read my resume and said "you know you're overqualified for this job. This job is boring... are you sure you want to do something like this?" She was really nice about it, we talked for a little while, and she said she'd pass my resume along to their direct-hire team. She also said if it came down to it, I could call her back in a week or two, and she'd give my resume to the manager, if I really did need the job. (In a nutshell, it would be an extremely repetitive (boring) job taking phone calls all day long, but hey, it would help to pay the bills.)

When I got home, there was a message on the machine from the woman at Kelly Scientific Services, saying the company that has a position open for an IV Pump QC Tester is over their hiring freeze and can actually hire someone. (They were uncertain about this since before Christmas!) This kind of job is a little more up my alley- it actually requires a 4-year degree and experience in a Quality Control enviroment, knowledge of the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice regulations) and the FDA- still hourly, but at least it would be using my experience in some fashion.

Hopefully they will call me next week for an interview! You can not imagine how ready I am to be working again! I have done terrible at the "stay-at-home, watch soap operas, and eat bon-bons" thing for the last couple months... LOL! of course I haven't been doing that, but I haven't been making any money, either...

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