January 14, 2006

30-second update

Today I went to the movies... Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, about the life of Johnny Cash. I thought it was great! I liked the story, and the music- they did pretty good, considering they actually did the singing themselves. I saw it the theater at the AZ Mills Outlet Mall, so right after I left the theater, I headed to the music store to buy the soundtrack, along with another Johnny Cash CD.

Tom will be home tonight (late!), and last he heard, he doesn't have to be back at the office till Thursday- a couple days of comp time to make up for the 20 hour workdays he's been doing, and working on Saturday (today). It will be nice to have him home for a few days! We have some things we want to do around the house, and we're going to look for new southwest-style bedroom furniture. (The furniture we have, he got for free- it's from the 1970's, and looks it!)

Doggy update- Sedona can now do "give me your paw" flawlessly! Unless she gets too excited- then she gets confused and does "Sit" and "Lay Down" then ends up laying on the floor to get a belly scritch. She finally killed the squeaker in her fuzzy ball, and doesn't like playing ball with it as much anymore- what she does like is to put it under the bed and bark till I get it out for her! This is not my favorite game, let me tell you!

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