January 19, 2006

30-second Thursday update

also known as Books, Beds, Bright Lights, and Blowing Winds:

I just started reading Jan Karon's new book, Light from Heaven- I was really excited when I saw it at the library, but hadn't wanted to start it. I wanted to delay it as long as possible, because the flyleaf says "the long-anticipated final volume in the beloved Mitford years series..." This series of books is one of the rare ones I find where they seem like real people that I know- Mitford is a place I wish I could visit, and I hate the thought of this being the last one. But like all of them, once I started it, I can't put it down- I'm half through now, and will probably put another dent in it tonight before bed... I'm also reading a 400+ page biography of the artist Georgia O'Keeffe (she did a lot of painting in Santa Fe in the early/mid 20th century), which is interesting, but not near as much. That will definitely have to wait till I'm done in Mitford!

We finally bought a new mattress (king-size!!)... Our old mattress was from Tom's mom's house, we had no idea how old it was, and it was getting really creaky and uncomfortable. We waffled over whether to get the box spring and frame along with it, right up till the time they came to deliver it, then decided to go ahead and buy the furniture we had been looking at- it has a pedestal bed with storage underneath, so we don't need the foundation or frame. Until the furniture is delivered next weekend, we're sleeping on the mattress on the floor- kinda like camping, but a lot more comfortable! It's southwest-style furniture, with lodgepole posts on the bed and a zigzag detail on all the pieces- once it's all delivered and we have matching bedding, I'll post a picture. If it all fits into the bedroom, that is! (just kidding- we know it will fit, we just won't have much room to walk around in there!)

Our apartment complex is changing over all the exterior lights next to the sidewalks from these dim incandescent fixtures to much brighter fluorescent ones- we were dreading it, but they finally got to the one right outside our patio! It's so bright, it shines around the edges of the blinds like someone is right outside with their car lights on! Tom had managed to unscrew the old light bulb without anyone noticing, but this one they probably would... so, for now, a piece of black card stock is blocking the side that faces our apartment. It works fairly well, but won't last long in the elements.

It's been really windy and fairly cold the last couple days; hopefully the wind will die down soon- some rain would be nice, too!

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