January 09, 2006

60-second Monday update

It was a beautiful weekend; highs close to 80, no clouds to speak of... Tom made it back okay from Milwaukee on Friday night. In a nutshell, his last trip was grueling (one day was a 19-hour workday, ending at around 3 am!), because they were facing a deadline involving the state occupancy inspection of the facility. So, we didn't do much of anything this weekend- he needed some major recovery time! Saturday Tom finished up some paperwork for his job and did the laundry while I did some scrapping. That evening was our "third Christmas of 2005," meaning we finally had a chance to open the presents my family sent from Illinois- it would have been nicer to have been there, but it was nice to spread Christmas out, too. Yesterday we hung around the house, I took the dog for a bit of a walk, and we ate takeout Chinese in front of the TV. All in all, a pretty uneventful weekend, but sometimes those are nice.
  • 30 second update to the update: Tom is, at this very moment, at the airport waiting to fly to... where else- Chicago! He will be in Milwaukee for a couple days re-programming phones (there was a special feature on the phones that the customer doesn't want, for some reason- go figure!), head back to Northbrook and work a there for a couple more days, then get back late on Saturday nite. There is a possibility that he may turn right around and leave Sunday for a short job in California. And, after that is over, he will (hopefully) get a few days off!!!

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