January 09, 2006

craft corner- scrapbook

My first scrapbook page in at least 3 or 4 months. Sorry for the blurry picture... I am trying to figure out how to scan my 12 x 12 inch pages on the 8 1/2 x 11 scanner and "stitch" the pages together electronically, but my first attempt at it was less than adequate, so you'll have to live with the digital picture. I haven't SB'ed since we put the house in IL up for sale (had to pack all my supplies away so as not to frighten away potential buyers!), and had gotten out of the scrapping mood, so I'm really glad I made this page- I thought I had lost the scrapping inspiration altogether. It's titled "2005 in review... it was a very busy (and adventurous) year!" and lists the major highlights of the year. There were quite a few- in February, Tom and I celebrated 1 year together (it seems like its' been so much longer- in a good way!); we spent a week in AZ; we got a dog; we celebrated my 36th and Tom's 35th birthdays; he sold his beloved Impala SS; we made some huge decisions that led to: Tom quitting his job; putting our house up for sale; me quitting my job at Hospira; actually selling the house; and moving to AZ. Now that I've gotten over my scrapper's block, I have the pages from our 2005 AZ trip in process- we visited Sedona and the Grand Canyon, so there are lots of pictures. I also have around 100 pics being developed of the dog and cats, the move here, and more recent events, so I'll have plenty of to work on. Then, of course, there are those all those boxes and envelopes of pics from the past few years, more family pictures and slides I borrowed from Mom and Dad that I want to put into my SB, a heritage recipe album I have ideas for, there are things I've saved from dates Tom and I have gone on, Tom has some scrapbooks from his great-aunt of his high school debate team that are in those nasty magnetic albums... well, you get the idea.

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