March 30, 2015

SB layout share- Golden Days

This is another layout with photos from 2003 and my house back in Round Lake. And it uses another 'ancient' (ancient in scrapbooking terms, anyway) embellishment. The decorated tag I used on this page is from at least 10 years ago; I'm fairly certain I made it when my sister and I went to a scrapbook convention together, and I've lived in AZ for just under 10 years now (wow, how time flies!). This tag is another one of those 'how have I managed to keep it for all these years' kind of things. I guess I'm more organized than I thought! (haha!! Just kidding-- more like just lucky, I think.)

This SB page showcases two photos of the leaves from the maple tree in my backyard. That maple tree made it difficult to grow plants in my yard, but believe it or not, I did actually love raking leave in the fall. It allowed me to enjoy the crisp cool snap to the fall air, the clear blue of the autumn sky against the golden color of the leaves, the earthy smell of the decaying leaves, the crackling sounds they made as I raked, and the smoky aroma when I burned them-- and this page reminds me of all that.

Another page that probably still wouldn't be finished if not for the Calvinball challenge-- yay! for completed SB pages!

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