January 31, 2014

12 x 12 SB page: 'snuggling'

I did do some scrapping recently (well, in December, anyway)... I found a store in the East Valley that holds a 12-hour crop once a month, so in December, I hauled [some of] my stuff there for the day, and had a great time! (I apologize for the crappy lighting in these photos- I took the pictures after I got back, in the evening, so they're not all that bright.)

This is a one-page layout using some photos Tom took of a rare occurrence: Ariel and Butters, actually being nice to each other, and snuggling together in front of the window! I think most of the pages I made that day were cat oriented, and mostly in a pink color scheme... when you get on a roll you have to stick with it, I guess.

a couple detail photos-- I used a few sequins for accenting the embellishments.

This heart had pre-printed faux-stitching on the edge: a good, easy way to get an extra detail! This page went together pretty quickly, until I realized I should have looked at the paper a bit more closely before I started. Most 12 x 12 scrapbook paper has a 1/2 inch 'branding strip' on the edge that has the manufacturer info on. On this piece of paper it was there too, but the reverse side (the pink I used for the background) was all the same color. Sooo, I actually made my page 12 x 12.5 inches! Thankfully, the page design wasn't compromised too much by having to trim that 1/2 inch off the edge. 


Alison said...

It wasn't Scrapbooks ETC you found, was it? My friend Deb suggested I go visit there while I was over...a fabulous place!!
Alison xx

scrapperjen said...

I love this! Great job with it