September 08, 2012

why do 4-day weeks always seem so loooong??

but thank goodness it's finally the weekend! 

Tom and I did a movie marathon last night (all 3 Bourne Identity movies in a row... I only fell asleep halfway through the third movie, which is good, for me!) Today I ran some errands, which included a stop at Frenzy Stamper to check out the sample journals for Kelly's classes in November (!!! yay!!), buy SW incense (pinon, mesquite, hickory, and juniper- love those aromas!)... things like that. 

Here's a recent page from my 5x7 journal (I'm getting so close to finishing it, but we cleaned the house before the pet-sitter came over last weekend, so I need to get back into the 'journaling rhythm' again... meaning, I need to get my supplies back out into the living room.) 

kitty love... in my journal, this page is now finished; I added
writing about Butters and her latest health issues.  Collaged paper
(including vintage dictionary, French textbook, scrapbook paper)
and a bit of gold acrylic paint that originally was an accident
(it bled through from another page, so I had to go with it and make it
look like it was supposed to be there).

Butters has been looking a lot thinner lately, so we decided it was time for a checkup. (plus, she's been peeing on the laundry room floor, which is usually a cat's somewhat annoying way of telling you something.) Her blood work shows slightly elevated levels of chemicals that may indicate her kidneys aren't functioning 100%. Not surprising, since that's what Pandora had (and she was only 3 when she passed away), but still, it was hard to hear. We need to get some urine for testing, and if it's confirmed, there is a medication that may help in slowing the progress... so, we'll see. (operation 'cat pee collection' commences tomorrow, lol!)

closeup of the cat- stamped on a vintage French textbook page with olive
colored Colorbox chalk ink and colored with tea-dye Distress ink. I love
this stamp; I just don't use it (or any of them) very often.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Good luck with operation cat pee!

Alison said...

Just had a quick catch up..hope Butters gets the treatment he needs....great journal pages...and I am wondering just how tall that cactus will grow?
Alison xx