September 10, 2012

painted backgrounds, no words

I realized I hadn't done any acrylic painting in my 5x7 journal, so the last time Tom was out of town, I got the paint out and made a bit of a mess (there's no other way for me to paint, lol!)

journal page close-up: acrylic paint scraped on with gift card (including magenta
and orange with an overlay of gold), with black and white accents. The white
was stamped with 'non-traditional' stamps: jar lids and a pencil eraser.)

the finished page: three magazine images collaged onto the painted
along with a small piece of text from a vintage book
written in German.  
No writing on this page; it's complete like it is.

another background made with scraped paint... black lines
were done using the edge of the gift card.
White non-traditional stamps on this page include a large metal
washer that was used to stamp paint onto the background.

The finished page: "Balance is Key"

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