August 02, 2012

somewhat random photos of weather and artsy stuff...

just a few random photos from the last week or so--

last Sunday afternoon, it rained in Maricopa; and when I say rained, I mean, it really rained! As with most monsoon storms, the rain just can't soak into the ground, so it runs off. So, the neighborhood streets turn into small rapids... some of the intersections were quite- interesting- to drive through, what with a 4 or 5 inches of rushing water going through them. 

I'm not gonna complain about that, though; it could be worse- a couple days ago, the north part of Phoenix got 5 inches of rain in under 2 hours, which caused a lot of damage to quite a few houses. According to the newspaper article I read, one house had over 3 feet of water inside and the fire department had to make holes in the walls to give the water some way to get outside. (!!!!)

The rain is really nice for the plants; the ocotillo in our front yard is liking it a lot, and has greened up nicely! (notice the well around it to collect the water?? smart, huh? thanks, landscapers!)

our patio table, yesterday afternoon... having another spray ink, stenciling, and painting session. Partly because Tom's out of town so I can leave the mess out all week if I want to (lol! he's not a neat-freak or anything,but when I'm home by myself, I am definitely not neat at all), and partly because a co-worker who saw my journal last week said, "I'd love to have some backgrounds like that in my sketchbook." So, I said I'd be happy to do some for him! (I may have another art-journaling convert, soon- I'll let you know!)

this one is totally random, but I think this photo is hilarious! This is my sister Judy's dog Yogi engrossed in a television program about a family who lives in Alaska. Judy said Yogi also quite liked a nature program about lions that was recently on, too. (Our dogs never do this; the most they ever do is start barking and run for the front door when a doorbell rings on television.)

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