August 04, 2012

my journals

last week when I took one of my current journals to work, I happened to mention that it was one of my 'latest' journals. One of my co-workers asked, "you have more of these?" Well, yeah- just a few, LOL!! So, the other day when I got out the spray ink and stencils, I decided to take all my journals off the bookshelf and take some pictures.

my journals, getting some fresh air on the patio!
aren't they yummy?? they usually hang out on a bookshelf in my craft room, so it was really nice to get them out and flip thru them... like visiting with some old friends! 

This photo is the journals that are completed- or pretty much completed, anyway-- I arbitrarily decided I was done working in a couple of them so I could move on to a different book... I've felt 'guilty' about doing that in the past, but I finally decided there's really nothing wrong with doing that; they're my journals, after all. Then again, I picked up the my 9x12 spiral journal again after not using it for a year or so, so there's nothing saying I couldn't do the same thing with the other ones. 

And now, for a bit of a confession: the photo above shows journals that I've made in classes but never actually 'used' as a journal. Oh, I may have decorated a page here or there during the class, or even actually wrote an entry or two, but these journals are NOT filled with artwork and/or words. (yet.) I don't know exactly why this is; maybe because I'm usually using a different journal (that I want to finish before using the new journal) when I take the class?? I think the answer is some of that, mixed with a bit of 'it's-so-nice-I-need-to-do-something-really-special-in-it' syndrome. Since I have the paint, ink, and stencils out right now, I've started working in a few of them so once I finish working in the 9x12 and 5x7 journals, I'll actually choose one of these for my next one.  I'll show you some pictures of that soon! (once the paint dries, that is!) :D


Desert Mermaid said...

love these kind of photos! (I donate any journals I don't use to the Phoenix Children's Hospital -- the older kids there who have to stay for long periods of time LOVE 'em!)

Heather said...

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crimsoncat05 said...

Heather, please ask me your question here in the comments, and I'll be more than happy to answer it for you.