August 26, 2012

random + unfinished

watercolors + gesso + magazine image
+ scrapbook paper circles + black stabilo
crayon in the corners... 
this page was actually made by loosely following a scrapbook layout that I have pinned on Pinterest as a template. It might be finished just the way it is; I'm not sure that it needs words, or anything else added to it.

watercolor paint + gray Copic marker
+ collaged papers, image, and quote
this one might be finished just like it is, too.

washi tape + scrapbook paper + spray inked
background + magazine image
I'm kinda liking this one just the way it is, too!

watercolor background (texture from plastic wrap)
+ collaged paper + gold and silver pens
This one is unfinished. (I know, because I have since finished it up by writing on it.) The colors on this page make me think of fall. We had our first inkling of fall here a couple days ago: our water pipes are only a foot or so below the ground, so during the summer, it's practically impossible to get cold water from the shower head, and no matter how cool you might want it, it's always warm right away. One day last week, it had actually cooled off enough overnight that we had to run the water for a bit to get it warm! Granted, it's still at least 2 months away from actually cooling off as far as high temps go, but hey, it's a start!

1 comment:

Alison said...

Love the pages..and I have just said to Craig that the nights are getting slightly cooler, as I am wakening up to turn the aircon off a little bit earlier each day..though it's still 100 * during the day
Alison xx