August 30, 2012

just a bit goofy

not every page is some deep, dark exploration of my innermost thoughts! Okay, not many of them are that intense and introspective, actually... but sometimes, they're totally goofy, for fun, random sort of things-

cowgirl kitty image from a free collage sheet I found on
Flickr (I just love her attitude- lol!), collaged paper from
a Teesha Moore collage sheet, butterfly from wrapping paper, and
details made with gel pens and my Signo white en.

This was a funny magazine clipping my mom sent me recently; the
poor bunny had gotten stuck in a fence! I thought it was so cute,
I had to save it for posterity in my journal. Just the thing to put on
top of this crazy-colorful spray inked background.

1 comment:

Mare said...

I Love both pieces! I bet the bunny doesn't like the second one tho! ;)