August 19, 2012

random photos- color!!

just some random photos I don't think I ever posted on here before (click on any of the photos to view them larger):

AZ State Fair (Nov 2011)

AZ Balloon Festival Nov 2011, self portrait (that's me in the middle)

wall mural, Sofia's Mexican Food Gila Bend, AZ (April 2012)

the Copper Chopper, custom-built for the AZ Centennial.
At the AZ Balloon Festival (Nov. 2011)

crazy quilt square, AZ State Fail exhibit (Nov. 2011)

fyi, I did some color-processing on all the photos, except for the motorcycle and the crazy quilt square-- they were already quite colorful and didn't need any assistance!

1 comment:

Mare said...

I love going to the State and County Fairs...We're going to one next week! Love all the color in this post, especially the quilt...