August 17, 2012

random photos: castoffs, cooties, cactus, and clouds

photo randomness for a Friday afternoon!

the castoffs: goodies I picked up recently at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (a local store where they take books, magazines, etc. in trade and sell the gently-used merchandise). This is scrapbooking paper I would NEVER use on an actual scrapbook page (photo-realistic brick wall? bright orange snakeskin? really?!?) but on a journal page, it's another story... and bonus, it was only 10 cents per sheet!

cooties: Bookmans also has a selection of rubber stamps- I like the spiral flower / doodle, and the cooties are just cute!! (no idea what I'll use it for, but it was so cute I couldn't pass it up... be on the lookout for cooties on my journal pages soon- lol!! plus, this way I got to write the word 'cooties' in my post title- lol again!!)

cactus news from the front yard- our golden barrel cactus is having babies! pups? not sure what you call them, exactly, but I was absolutely thrilled to see this-- apparently this kind of cactus will continue to grow as a large clump... eventually. (click here to see more photos of this type of cactus- some of them are quite impressive!)

 close-up of the babies... the larger one (on the right) is about the size of a golf ball, and there's a really teeny one just to its left that's probably only about the size of a pencil eraser. I'll keep an eye on them, for sure, and post some progress pictures (just don't look for much progress right away, lol!)

clouds! it's been partly cloudy for the past couple days (which is nice; that's rare for us!), and this morning, the clouds were hanging quite low along the Estrella Mountains as I drove to work.

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Mare said...

i love all of your news and the cooties are wonderful!