July 15, 2012

Storm clouds journal page (again)

Okay, so I think it's done now... remember this journal page that I posted last week?? the one that I kept messing with, and screwed up? I didn't take a picture of what I did to it- or tried to do, rather- but trust me, it did not look good... so, I had to cover it up! This is the result:

Storm journal page
I covered up my mishap (it's not a mistake, it's an opportunity, right?) with some vintage text paper for clouds, and blended it in around the edges with a soft graphite pencil. I also added some vertical graphite 'rain' lines on both sides, to tie the pencil in with the rest of the page. 

Lots of artists say if you don't like something you're working on, to keep going: add another layer, add another color, etc. and I truly do believe that philosophy: if you keep going, you can usually get past that 'I think it looks icky' phase. (most of the time, anyway; lol!!) 

Actually, I think it might need a bit more shading in the clouds to look 'just right' but I know better than to mess with it again, lol!! (...and I still haven't written the date on there, have I?!? :D   lol!)

I've been working in my journals (the 9x12 and 5x7 spiral-bound ones) quite a lot lately, so I have more pages- both completed and in-process ones- to show you soon... 

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Mare said...

I love how this turned out!