July 14, 2012

more random Jerome

More random photos from our day trip to Jerome:

Survey marker V28
We happened upon this marker quite unexpectedly as we were window shopping. (it was imbedded in the sidewalk; it pays to look down as well as in the shop windows, I guess!) It's a geodetic survey markers- these markers are 'objects placed to mark key survey points on the Earth's surface. They are used in geodetic and land surveying. ' (paraphrased definition from Wikipedia)

Survey marker 5153
Then, we happened upon this one two streets away as we walked back to the car- cool!! 

This next photo is  some of the artwork above our table at the restaurant where we had lunch.

Drinking Bird

Mom, do you still have the drinking bird we used to have?? (It used to be stored in one of the kitchen cupboards, as I recall.)

These two photos were taken in the small playground that was smack in the middle of town; there was quite a view of the valley from the swingset!

memories of childhood- mulberries
 I was delighted to stumble onto this tree as we went up the stairs; I haven't seen a mulberry tree, especially with fruit on, since my childhood home back in Illinois! There was one in the empty lot at the end of our street, and I, along with the neighbor kids, spent plenty of time picking mulberries during the late spring. It took an awful lot of these to make a pie (and your fingers would be stained purple for quite a while), but I do remember my mom making at least one pie with them. (the berries tasted just as good as I remembered, too!)

mystery flower
and this one, I took because I have no idea what kind of plant it is... any ideas? (It was planted in a pot, as a standard... it was about 5 feet tall, with these really frilly flowers) It's really pretty, but I know better than to try and grow plants/flowers like this here. I've tried once or twice to grow potted plants, indoors and out, and unless it's a cactus, I kill it very quickly. (Apparently my green thumb didn't move with me to AZ.)

thanks for coming along on my photographic tour!! 

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More Jerome Goodness! Thanks Crimsoncat!(i posted yesterday under my daughter's identity-kate. She signed into her account on my laptop and i didn't realize it until i had left a bunch of comments on my favorite blogs)