July 03, 2012

some recent journal pages and backgrounds-

along with painting backgrounds, another thing I did while I was recovering was go thru my magazine stash to pull out images and text I might want to use on my journal pages... it's easy to do while watching TV, and bonus, getting rid of the unwanted magazine pages made some room in my stash of stuff! (so I can buy new collage fodder, lol!)
so now I have a new stash of magazine and book images, along with some printed-out images from the internet that looked interesting.
this picture is two of those internet images, colored in and cut out, ready to use. The flower girl was colored with the watercolor paints, and the fairy on the mushroom was colored with colored pencils. (coloring isn't just for kids, you know!!)
the finished toadstool fairy page in my 5x7 journal... I kept the page layout pretty simple with a watercolor background and a couple snippets of origami paper. I spent some time coloring in the flowers with my gel pens. 
I also used my gel and metallic pens to add some additional color accents on the fairy. (have I told you I love coloring?!?)
and, here's an unfinished journal page in the 5x7 journal-- the image is from a vintage National Geographic magazine (I think it was a travel advertisement for Paris?), there's some foreign text (newspaper and a book), and the purple floral is a piece of handmade wrapping paper that I recently picked up from Cost Plus World Market. ($2.99 for one large sheet of handmade paper- no way would I use it to wrap a package, but rip it up to use in my journal? of course!!)
lastly, two-pages from the 9x12 sketchbook journal (this is the second journal I ever started working in, and I recently resurrected it off the shelf for use with the watercolor paint). The righthand page is finished: every color from the watercolor set, along with pencil and paint doodles. The lefthand page is just a start... we'll see where it goes from here.

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