July 05, 2012

another random photo post-

just a couple more random photos, also from the last couple weeks:
I was stuck behind a semi (road construction had it down to one lane) on my way to the library one day at lunch, and thought it was sort of cool that I could see myself in the back of the truck!

another shot of the recent dust storm... you canNOT see out into the distance at all; the fact that you can't see what's out there sort of reminds me of a setting from a Stephen King horror story, or something.  (thankfully, no scary creatures came at us out of the dust!)

We had a nice and relaxing 4th of July; we spent most of the morning out on the patio, watching the rain; it rained off and on all morning long; it was gray, and drizzly, and it was wonderful(YAY for rain!!) I definitely have a different attitude about rain now that we live in Arizona; rain is no longer an inconvenience; it's an event to be celebrated. Even if it occasionally causes us to have a detour because the road through our neighborhood is flooded out (like it is today). 4+ inches of rain will do that, I guess... lol! (But still, yay, rain!) After it stopped raining, we grilled out, then watched the fireworks from Washington DC on television... the worst part was knowing we'd have to get up this morning and go back to work!

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Alison said...

Yes, it's funny how your opinion of rain changes according to where we live! We could do with some rain here too!
Alison xx