May 31, 2012

art and stuff...

a few of the latest art journal pages I've been playing around with... 
a fold-out page: the collaged image is from a gardening magazine. (the cigar band on the pot is covering up some advertising, or something). Loose lines added with black permanent marker.
The entire page, unfolded. This will (probably) be the base layers for more collage work: yummy bubblegum pink and lemon zest spray inks sprayed thru my new Dylusions stencil, a piece of collaged striped scrapbook paper (which actually covers up a rip in the paper), blue washi tape on the fold, and some scribbles with a red wax pencil. Not sure what's next with this page...
Here's the 'stuff' part of the post: the first personalized license plates I've ever gotten! Also the first specialty license plate I've ever had!  (fyi, It reads live 4 art, or love 4 art, whichever you want.) I usually think specialty plates are kind of a waste of $$, but I really like the design of the AZ centennial plate.

Journal page close-up: this page is basically just collaged paper, with some colored details. Not sure if there will be more added to this one, or not. My pages lately have been mostly just art, with very little writing; I'm okay with that- since there's no right or wrong way to journal, whatever I feel like doing at the moment is 'right' for me.
A view of the entire page: the cats are from a vintage book (from a collage pack I bought from Kelly Kilmer ages ago, I think); the black and white bits are from a journal page photocopy, and the other pieces are SB paper, magazine, vintage map, etc.
This page will definitely get more added to it, but I like taking photos of my pages in process. so I can see the progression. Over the weekend I broke out some acrylic paints and stamps, and went back out onto the patio. (it wasn't as windy as last time, thankfully!) I used fluorescent pink and orange paint on this page, along with some paint 'scraped on' using the edge of an expired gift card. (the scraping allows what's beneath- the faint scribbled circles- to show through. 
More of the fluorescent pink paint, along with some other colors, on a vintage book or magazine (National Geographic?) page. I like the pops of black I used on these pages; I'll definitely be doing more of that.

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