February 22, 2012


I ran a couple errands today at lunch (well, tried to, anyway) but ran into a few obstacles. This was one of them:
 a roadblock and a detour, on my way to the library. So much for returning the overdue books! (no, not really-- the detour was only a block or so out of the way. And I only had one overdue book.)

 This pic shows the actual reason for the roadblock- tonight's Republican Presidential debate was being held at the local Performing Arts Center, and they were setting up for it. (I gotta say, that was kind of surreal to think about, that a nationally-televised political event was being held just a few blocks away from where I work!) After making my way past the trafficade and dropping my books in the bookdrop, I headed for here:

 Another sort of surreal place- I believe this is the only typewriter store in the entire Valley area. Even just reading the name, "Mesa Typewriter Exchange," seems so odd... With the prevalence of so many mega-huge, big-box stores that sell everything from tube socks to an oil change in the same place, it's almost refreshing to find a place that specializes in such a niche product.

 I need a new ribbon for the typewriter I picked up at the estate sale a few weeks ago... the black ink is getting pretty faint and the red ribbon won't type at all... they certainly should have it here! Along with alot of other cool typewriters and stuff to look at, by what I can see from outside. Aren't the typewriters in the window cool? I can't wait to see what all they have inside!

 But, then, I saw this. Another obstacle!! Oh, well; I'll have to go back. (Tomorrow, after the debate is over. And after work, so I can look as long as I want-- I hope the owner doesn't mind my taking pictures!)

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