August 10, 2011

a quick scrap! (...and a blog-post-title fail...)

...the blog-post-title fail is from my last post-- it hit me as I was driving home from work yesterday that the title of my previous post should have been "Say Cheese!" could I not have thought of that?!? (or would that have been too cheesy?? haha!!)

anyway, I think this is one of the quickest scrapbook pages I have ever put together, and I love the way it turned out! I ran across the digital pics on the computer when I was looking for something else, and decided to print them out. (I love having a home photo printer just for this reason-- granted, it's more expensive than sending them out, and it can only print 4x6 photos, but it's great for spur-of-the-moment inspiration!! and when you consider that I probably woulnd't print or scrap them otherwise, then it's a justifiable expense, in my book.)

I think I made this page right before we left on vacation. I probably should have been packing, or something else important like that, but you know how it goes; when the inspiration hits, you have to strike while the iron is hot! (I think I'm mixing my metaphors, but you know what I mean- hopefully!) We carved pumpkins last fall for the first time in years... I only had a couple photos of it, but it was enough. I used a sketch from the new Scrapbook Generation one-page sketchbook for this page, and it went together really easy. I messed with the colors in the small photos to tone down the bright orange from the pumpkins just a bit, paired the photos with some newer Sassafras stickers and added some letter stickers from my stash for the title. Nothing earth-shattering about the journaling, just documenting the main facts- and that it was messier than I remember, cleaning out pumpkin guts! (oh, and from a scrapping standpoint, I messed up the journaling on the upper left block; that's why "Halloween 2010" is written on a different color of paper... is it perfect? no... but it's done, and I like it anyway!)

I popped up some of the stars with foam tape, just because I like the added interest from the dimension... hmmm, from the pictures I took, it looks like some of my stickers aren't quite so sticky anymore-- that could be because I move them around at least once or twice (okay, possibly more than that) before I decide the final placement.

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