July 20, 2011


since I've gotten into scrapping again, I have plenty of ideas and things I want to scrap... both recent photos as well as other things, like the following layout of a childhood memory / reminiscence: I found the Barbie trading cards at a local scrapbooking store, and just had to buy them. They were the impetus for the page, since I don't have any photos of all the childhood Barbie stuff-- I don't have any idea what happened to it all, actually...?? (Mom: any ideas?? ...just wondering.) Anyway, I pulled together some multicolored papers and letter stickers that I've had for a while with some others that are recent purchases / trades. I'm not thrilled about what I did to the upper corner (I think a splatter of paint or ink there would have been better than doing the dots by hand), but I do like the page overall, and the fact that the memory is on the page instead of just in my head. :D
I thought the pink stickers would stand out more than they did on the pink polka dot paper, so I outlined them with a black glaze pen-- that looked so good, I did some more of it around the edges of the pages, which I think really ties the page together.
disregard the mess in this pic (it's my craft studio; of course there's a mess!) but I wanted to show off my latest estate sale purchase: the rolling cart, circa early-mid 1970s, perhaps?? I got it on Saturday (half-price day) for the sum total of $3; she said how about $5, but I bargained her down to $3... do you think the American Pickers would be proud of me? haha!! (I know I'm still small potatoes compared to their bargaining skills.)
These two pics are my latest, and last, scrap-related purchase for quite a while. Some new-sized page protectors that I'm excited about using and mixing into my albums: 8x8 inches, 6x12 inches, and a set of 12x12 page protectors that allows you to just slide photos into the different slots.
This pic is of a couple things I'm quite excited to try out-- one of them is the Sew Easy; it's a tool that helps you make evenly spaced holes for sewing on paper (similar to a tracing wheel, but the interchangeable heads allow you to make different types of stitches, including zig-zag, scallop, cross-stitch, and more, without having to punch each hole by hand). The other item is two new idea books that include 60 totally pre-planned sketches; all I have to do is decide on the paper and photos-- the sketches even include the dimensions for trimming the paper!! ...so now, I'm off to scrap!!

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