July 28, 2011

a quick scrap!! (or, what I do when I can't sleep)

We usually get up around 5 am-- earlier if one of the dogs is restless or if Ariel the cat decides it's time for us to get up: she jumps up on the bed, which sets the dogs off (their crates are next to my side of the bed). So, you would think I'd have no problem getting to sleep, right? Wrong. Most of the time I read in bed which makes me tired, but sometimes I know that just won't do it for me because my mind is just too active. Last night was one of those nights, so I worked on a couple SB projects instead. One of them is still in process, but the other was this page about catching lightning bugs (or fireflies, if you want to be technical) when I was a kid: Like I said, it really was a "quick scrap" because there was almost no design thought at all. The bug and jar stickers are Sassafras brand "Felties" that I got a couple months ago as part of their last "mystery box sale," which was a grab bag of all sorts of really fun products at a great price. (They're doing it again, by the way; $175 of product for $45, domestic shipping included. Check it out here: Mystery Box sale.) When I saw this sheet of stickers, I knew they would work perfect for a layout about catching lightning bugs. By the way, this page is 6x12, so it's a bit of an "odd" size, but I think it works perfect for this design!
The title: the small letter stickers are Making Memories Tiny Alphas, which I absolutely love-- the look of cutting letters out of a vintage book without actually having to do it! Each package has 468 individual letters, both lower and uppercase, and are a great price at only a couple dollars per package. So why have I kept them in their package, unopened, for the last 6 months?!? I think I feel like I have to "save" my supplies till something special comes along?? I'm finally starting to get over that, though; watching the TV show "Hoarders" might have something to do with it-- LOL!! The larger letter stickers are also from Sassafras, from the same mystery box sale the stickers came in. They have so many patterns and colors of letter stickers available (glittered, patterned, fabric-looking, etc) and they're really a nice size: not too big, not too small.
This is just an angled shot showing the dimension to the multi-layered felt stickers. This page is going to go in a ""Random Childhood Memories" album (when I buy one, lol!!) along with the Barbie page, and others that I haven't made yet... I have a whole list of memories that I'd like to document, and have found some good inspiration on the internet for how to do that when you might not have specific pictures to go with them. So far, I think this type of page make a good "break" from scrapping a larger subject such as a vacation. Since these types of pages will most likely be smaller snippets of memories, there's no feeling of pressure to scrap them before I forget the details, like there can be with photos from a trip, for example.
okay, this is a goofy pic, I know, but I wanted to show how I got the texture and layers in the grass at the bottom of the page- two different colors of green textured cardstock, trimmed with some of my deco scissors, which I've had for years, and popped up with dimensional foam tape. Yay! for breaking out the older- and newer- supplies and tools and actually using them, right?!?! And Yay (sort of, anyway-- lol!!) for not being able to sleep, so I can actually get some of these projects done- and out of my head!


Brenda said...

That is really cute!

Melissa said...

I hate when my body is tired and my brain isn't. Good use of the time though. Very cute.