June 15, 2011

random photo catch-up post (lots of pics)

I finally did some photo editing from the past couple weeks... here you go! (they're not exactly in order, because Blogger loads them backwards, and I don't feel like dealing with moving them around.)
Prescott is already about 9 months old; where does the time go?!? He's filling out and starting to get his adult coat; I can't wait to see what he looks like when it all grows in! (he looks rather like Sedona in this pic, which is somewhat bittersweet.)

...contentment... oh, to have a life as simple as this!

this is Tom's "look of fear" for how he should tackle this burger... LOL! We had lunch at a local restaurant recently; this burger is Teakwoods' "Touch 'em All" burger, with three kinds of cheese, guacamole, bacon, and two kinds of peppers- he said it was delicious, and it actually made 3 meals altogether.
This is an average level of weekend traffic on the highway out of town. (keep scrolling, and you'll get why I took this shot.)
and this is what you can sometimes see next to the highway, if you're lucky! I love seeing the wild horses; it sort of makes me feel like I'm in "the Old West" when I see things like this.
Prescott and Bisbee, having a heckuva good time... when they really get going, the only thing to do is keep out of their way!
this was taken over Memorial Day weekend, making use of our new fire pit. Smores were made, marshmallows were roasted, cigars were smoked, and a good time was had by all.
Last Sunday we went here (Gammage Auditorium, at ASU... designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, by the way) to see this:
Les Miserables is touring for its 25th anniversary-- Tom and I have both seen it before; I saw it at least 10-15 years ago, and for Tom, it was closer to 20 years ago... they updated the staging for this tour, and of course, the music was wonderful. (I love this musical so much; I have the ultimate soundtrack, and pretty much know the songs word for word.)

altogether it was a pretty nice couple of weeks! And, I'm in the process of cleaning off some desk space in my craft room; once I print some photos (including some of the ones above), I'll be making some scrapbook layouts. (hopefully, that is!)

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