June 02, 2011

a little spring cleaning... and reading reminiscing

spring cleaning on my blog layout, that is! not big changes, but I added a widget over there, to the right -----> that will hopefully help jog my memory. I've gotten back into reading fiction again recently, and want to track the books I read, so hopefully this widget will help me do it!

I read a LOT when I was little; Mom would take me to the library every Saturday morning, where I'd get an armful of at least 5-10 books. After our weekly trip to the grocery store, we'd go back home where I'd settle into the recliner with my books at my feet, set for an afternoon of paging thru whatever I brought home. I remember that dinosaurs, mythology, and all kinds of science books (insects, butterflies, birds, etc.) were at the top of my list; I probably read close to everything our small Carnegie library had in the children's department, then got an adult card so I could check books out upstairs in the adult section, too.

I read pretty fast-- Tom says that's skimming, not reading, which I kinda agree with-- but I'm always impatient to find out what happens next, and I can't wait to get there-- lol!! This way, I can read a book more than once, and not be bored! (I'm sort of joking about that, but I do have a selection of books I re-read regularly; they're my go-to favorites if there's nothing else around.)

I have been known to stay up pretty late reading, too... I was up till 1 am finishing one of my most recent ones; thank goodness it was a long weekend, so I could sleep in. But, you know how it is-- you get to that "point of no return" where you're too close to the end to want to stop.

the website I found for tracking my books (goodreads.com) looks like it has lots of useful stuff: it can track books you've read, keep track of your books-to-read list, and you can find reader reviews of books, to get recommendations.

Now I just need to remember to update my list! (and go to the library!!)

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