November 10, 2010

it's almost here!!

wow, I can't hardly believe the 3-Day is just two days (really only 1 1/2) away!! Right now, I'm at the stage where I need to pack and make sure I have everything I need- I have my second pair of shoes, I have plenty of pairs of socks, I have athletic tape for my feet, I need to make sure I have new batteries in the camera... I know I'll forget something, but that's really not important at this point. What is important is that I just reached my $2300 minimum yesterday, so I can participate!

Since this is a big cause, Komen makes sure that you commit big when you sign up for this; that's why there's a (high) minimum amount you have to raise... When I signed up in January, I really had no idea whether I'd be able to actually raise it, but throughout the course of the year, I have been continually amazed at people's generosity. Even after getting the minimum, I've been getting last minute donations-- the first time, I said "thanks, but I've got the money; I don't need any more." My donor's reply (very wise) was, "it's not for you, it's for breast cancer."

One of the most recent 3-Days raised over 7 million dollars (!!!) for the fight to end breast cancer-- I can't wait to see the sea of pink at the opening ceremonies, the cheering people along the way, and to experience the emotion of the closing ceremonies when I've actually finished! (I'm sure I can't wait to see the comfy couch, our bed, and my feather pillows at the end of it, either-- lol!)

so, if you've been thinking about donating, if you know someone who had breast cancer, if you've lost a loved one to this disease, or if you know at least 8 women- because one in eight women will be diagnosed (that number is horrible!! we can put men in space, and spend countless millions of dollars on who-knows-what, but we still have to fight this disease) then please think about donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Over 75 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to programs, research, and education. You can donate to me here:

donate to one of my teammates who still hasn't raised the minimum by clicking here :

3-Day TaTa sisterhood page

and be sure to check out this page: Research and Grants to see how they use the money.

And wish me (and my feet) luck!!

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