November 07, 2010

a BUSY (and fun!!) weekend!!

whew!! I was exhausted this afternoon; I needed to take a nap! Friday evening I participated in a shopping event to benefit a local charitable organization, Don't be a Chump! Check for a Lump! an organization that promotes monthly self breast exams. There were a number of local vendors, food, wine, music, and raffles. This is the first time I've done an in-person craft show in years, though, so I was worried whether I had everything I needed, whether people would buy any of my items, you know... the usual. I found out I didn't have anything to worry about-- it was a really fun time!! The event was hosted at Holly's (the founder) house, the Don't be a Chump! headquarters, in a north Phoenix neighborhood. They put so much work into hosting this event, it was amazing-- I didn't forget anything, I sold quite a number of things, and they raised money for their organization, so it was a success on all counts! this photo is my table set-up... I had a few more things that I couldn't fit onto the table, but this was most of it. Marble magnets and thumbtacks, collaged domino pendants and keychains, handmade cards and tags, and a couple pieces of mixed-media artwork. I did a fair number of sales, and also got inquiries about custom work, which was an unexpected bonus. I got to bed about 11:15 pm, and got up early on Saturday for the next thing...
a class where I made this journal!! I took an all-day class at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale on Saturday, making a journal using found papers and fabric-- the entire cover of the journal is sewn-- yes, I learned that I can be friends with my sewing machine! Jane Eileen is a great teacher; I've wanted to incorporate sewing on paper into my projects for ages, but have always been hesitant-- Jane said she's sewn through aluminum soda cans, and all sorts of things... I guess I just needed to hear that it's "okay" to do things that a traditional sewer might construe as abusing a sewing machine... lol!
This journal is called the "Double Double Journal;" it's actually two journals in one- one on the left side of the center spine, and one on the right side of the center spine. It was lots of fun to choose random fabrics and ribbon, sew them on, and see what happened. click here for the Frenzy Stamper blog, to see a couple photos of us in action during class. I will definitely be doing more of this type of sewing in the future-- it was so much fun! ...then, today, we had to get up early again, but for another fun reason-- we headed up to Glendale to Roseglen Shelties, to bring home our new Sheltie puppy, Prescott.
This photo is Prescott making friendly overtures to the cats... they definitely need some time to warm up to him, which is evident from this photo-- Butters looks absolutely evil in this picture!
Prescott had a big day-- first car ride, touring the pet store (to buy a collar and leash), meeting Bisbee and the cats, and exploring the house (the tiled kitchen, at least). Right now, he's pooped out, and napping in his crate. We're both pooped out, too!!

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