September 12, 2010

I'm feeling cuckoo- part one

this is part one-- Blogger wasn't cooperating, so wouldn't let me add all the photos to one post. Here is the intro: Tom's dad has a small collection of cuckoo clocks in storage. (it's too hard to explain why; suffice it to say that we were really excited when he told us that, because we really wanted one!) So, when we were back in Wisconsin last month for the family reunion, we got to pick one out. It was a difficult choice- there were two we really liked... (actually, there was a huge one I also liked, but we don't live in a Swiss lodge, so it wouldn't have fit in our house-- it was that big.) It was like an early Christmas when the package finally came!!
The cats thought so, too... they immediately started playing in the empty box. They aren't really possessed by the devil, or anything like that-- it's just the way the flash reflected off their eyes. Well, actually sometimes I wonder if they are, but that's another blog post...
So, here it is in its place of honor in our living room-- we have it hung up between two of the windows, so we can enjoy seeing it every day, as well as hearing it. The ticking doesn't bother us, and we've gotten used to the cuckoo and music-- which is good, because it plays music on the half hour, and plays a different tune on the hour, along with the cuckoo and all the other motions. (which I'll tell you about in the next post... I realize this is a pretty lame post just the way it is, but it's Blogger's fault; really, it is.) Till then, I think I'm going to watch the rest of Iron Chef America!!

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