March 07, 2010

random pics

a few random photos off my computer... hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! it was beautiful here yesterday-- mid-70s and sunny; then today, drizzly, gray- and now it's pouring. We had a wonderful champagne brunch to celebrate our 6th anniversary, then spent the rest of the day relaxing! young whitetail deer along the road-- taken when we were back in Illinois and Wisconsin last August.
taken a c0uple months ago-- Pandora wanted to cuddle up to Bisbee, but Bisbee didn't really know what she thought about it... you can tell by that sidelong look in her eyes.
a beautiful piece of artwork; from the gourd show we attended a few weekends ago in Casa Grande, AZ. So much can be done with gourds-- painting, filigree work, weaving with fibers and beads, woodburning... the art was amazing!! I took over 125 photos while we were there, so I will post more of these, for sure!
dragonfly in the grass-- this was taken at the Sonora Desert museum in Tucson, which is a cross between a zoo and a botanic garden. We visited there a couple years ago when my parents and sister visited us. It's definitely worth the drive to Tucson, and I'd love to go again sometime.

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