March 15, 2010

it was a cut and paste weekend again...

...since I've migrated down to the family room with my supplies. I do the painting up in my room on the floor (because the desks are both piled full of stuff), then I do my collaging and gluing in the family room while we're watching TV. I have two boxes with papers, and a Container Store travel cube (it works so much better than a large zipper bag- thanks for the tip, Kelly!) that holds my pens, markers, and tape. (obviously I don't have enough tape yet, if it fits in the same container as my pens... LOL!) When I work, I sit on the floor with papers strewn all around me. (Tom is constantly amazed that I can spread out to take up any available space.) The dogs and cats have to be careful of where they step, too. (so far, I've kept them from licking the gel medium, or chewing on any of my papers.)
This page may get more decorating; I'm not sure yet. For now, I like it the way it is-- collaged magazine image, scrap papers underneath, and a swirly gold Hambly rub-on up in the corner.
these two pages are my homage to the spring weather we have going on right now... both are totally collaged backgrounds, with gel pen, laser-cut sticker borders, and other assorted bits. The bottom page has a bit of charcoal pencil shading around the bird-- not sure if I like it; I can't decide if it gives it depth, or if it just makes the page look dirty. (This journal has different sized pages, so you can see other pages behind-- I like that a lot; it gives a taste of what's coming up, and makes it more interesting.)
this pic is a really unfinished page, but I love this new stencil! (I think it's a 6 x 6 Crafter's Workshop stencil, but I'm not sure- I can't see anything on their website that exactly matches.) The base of this page is one of the dividers from the gardening book; I like how some of the printing still shows thru the paint.
Another totally collaged page-- I love how this one turned out! the red and purple patterned paper is flocked, and the black, white, and silver paper is glittered. And I just love that vintage shorthand textbook paper! Collaging may make a mess of the floor, but it certainly makes watching TV more fun!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

:D LOVE the pages!!!