February 21, 2010

spring has sprung! AKA, we have gophers...

well, it had sprung, with sun and temperatures in the high 70s (yay!), and then winter threw some rainy weather at us again the past couple days... highs around 60 F, with gray, drizzly weather. Bad for us, but good for the plants we purchased before Christmas... Here is a picture of the gopher, in the front yard-- can you see it?? don't look too hard for it-- this plant is called a gopher plant, scientific name Euphorbia biglandulosa. (we do have gophers in AZ; I've seen them during the summer-- they're cute, but I do hope we never have them in our yard!) We were looking for something that would give us a little color, not a cactus, but still not needing a ton of water, and this is what we found. It's got an interesting shape and color. Apparently the name gopher plant is because if you plant these, you won't have gophers... I don't care about that.
It seems to like the spot where we planted it-- look at all that new growth coming up from the base!
It blooms in late winter/early spring-- aren't the blooms interesting looking?? Not a typical "flower" as I usually think of them, but certainly striking, nonetheless, with the lime green against the grayish green of the foliage. Now, I'm just holding my breath and waiting for the dormant ocotillos we planted to come to life! (and I have been doing some art, just don't have the pics tweaked yet... I'll post them soon.)

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Mel said...

Ooh - what gorgeous plants! I love succulents of all kinds. And I love the chartreuse-y green "flower" against the gray-green foliage!

Highs in the upper 70's?!? We had about 4" of snow yesterday, and today's high will be around 25. LUCKY GIRL! :D