February 28, 2010

a little art, and a gopher (plant) update

some art from lately... a few in-progress journal pages, and some recent ATCs. I need to make some greeting cards (I'm working on them, Mom!) but for that, I need to clean off my desk (again). It gets so cluttered, I've finally resorted to doing my painting on the floor of my art studio... which works, except for when the cat decides she wants to walk through my stuff, or when the dogs start playing tag, and tear across the room! the page above is in a journal I've just started working in again-- it's a ring-bound gardening book from the 1950s. I took out most of the gardening pages (saving some for collage purposes), and the ring binding makes it really easy to remove pages for working on! The background was made with watercolors and salt, which makes a really neat-looking background; when you sprinkle salt onto the wet paint, it sort of "resists" the paint, beads up, and creates an interesting pattern.
The page above was done in the last class I took with Kelly Kilmer, which was "all about pens." No pens on this page yet, of course, but I'll get there!
This is another close-up pic of the gopher plant-- apparently each thing I thought was a flower is really a cluster of flowers! it's even more interesting looking than it was before... and that chartreuse color really intrigues me, especially now that the weather has turned gray and rainy again. (temps in the mid-high 60s-- ick!) Yeah, I know just what you readers who live where there's real winter are thinking, but my blood is too thin for these temps! I'm not sure I'd survive in snow anymore!! (at least not without wearing so many layers I couldn't move... ha!)
These last two pics are artist trading cards for last month's in-person trade at Arizona Art Supply... the theme was "hearts and love," even though the trade wasn't until the week after Valentine's Day. The card above was stamped with a new stamp set I bought at Michael's-- they are selling a line of "American Girl" (the historical dolls that have their own book series) craft products, of all things, and these little animal stamps were just too cute to pass up! The striped paper wasn't glittery; I added glitter using a great new glue pen (that I found out about from Kelly), the Sakura Quickie-Glue pen. You can lay (or lie??) down a line of glue just like writing, and get a really tiny line with no globbing, or having to use a toothpick to spread the glue.
This card was a sort of play on the conversation hearts candy that's always around at this time of year. I think it turned out really sweet, with the fabric-- it was hard to give this one up after making it! (does that ever happen to anyone else?) I like the look of fabric in my art-- I'm not sure why I don't use it more often; I have plenty of it, along with everything else. The bee was stamped and glittered with gold, and the gold squiggles were done with gel pen. And hurray, I found my favorite set of tiny Hero Arts alphabet stamps, which I thought I'd lost!! (a clean-up is always in order in my studio, if you haven't figured that out by now...)

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Kelly Kilmer said...

I was at the M store today and I didn't go down the aisle where American Girl Doll stuff is on purpose! ARGH! So cute!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork!!! :)