August 12, 2009

travel journal pages

The car was packed with lots of stuff when we drove back to Illinois; two bags were mine- one full of books to read, and one full of journals and supplies- paper, glue stick, markers, etc. etc. I didn't even try to journal while we were in the car, but I did spread out the supplies once we got to the cabin at Tom's family reunion, and spent a few minutes here and there (between relaxing in front of the campfire) gluing and doodling. I took along watercolor crayons, my usual arsenal of markers and pens, and lots of paper and glue-stick... I mostly collaged pages, since I didn't have any acrylic paint with me. The page above was started before the trip, with a background of collaged pattern tissue and a layer of acrylic paint. The flowers were cut from a die-cut scrapbook paper that I bought originally to use as a stencil for painting, but I like using the flowers better.
This page is pretty simple, but I like it alot- the shading was done with a charcoal pencil, and the paper is Basic Grey (from the Ambrosia line), from my sister's stash--she lives about 1 1/2 hours away from Wisconsin Dells, and I spent the day with her while we were in Wisconsin. I love the look of Basic Grey paper, but sometimes the patterns seem sort of overwhelming- Judy has alot of it in the 6x6 inch papers, which are the same patterns as the 12 x 12 only smaller, so they're not quite so busy- I like this idea, and will have to remember it next time I go paper shopping!
this page is pretty simple- just a background colored with watercolor crayons, and strips of scrapbooking paper.
another collaged page using watercolor crayons, scrapbook paper (the blue scribbly paper is from Michael's- a kit of SB paper in the $1 section!), some acrylic painted paper I took with, and a couple magazine images... (the butterfly was glued on to cover up a glue-stick blotch, but I like the way it turned out.)


Samantha said...

Hi, thank you for the kind words and link to my blog on yours. ( morepaperplease) Your journal is a work of art and will be such a treasure in the future. I would love to try and commit to one. xoxoSamantha

Mare said...

I LOVE those journal are so creative!