March 07, 2009

Saturday links

this morning I turned on our local PBS channel (it's pledge time, here), and watched most of a fabulous show on Art Quilts... wonderful inspiration!! Art quilts made from fabric, beads, buttons, handkerchiefs, hand-dyed fabric, orange construction fence, candy bar wrappers, paper, bread ties, and all manner of things for artistic expression. I managed to catch a few names, and need to find out more about them- here are links to a few of them. Please check them out! (I didn' want to use anyone's photos without permission, so you need to click on the links to check out the artwork.)

Pam RuBert, a quilter who makes large cartoon-like art quilts with the main character PaMdora

Bob Adams, a former art teacher turned art-quilter

The Chicago School of Fusing- fabric artists who use fusible webbing, not piecing, to make their art quilts

Jan Burch Cochran- an art quilter who makes highly embellished art quilts using beads, buttons, rickrack, embroidery, and lots of detail in her work

I hope you find something interesting in these links, and that everyone has a good weekend ahead of them! now, I need to go clean up my studio, so I can capitalize on this wonderful inspiration (with paper and glue... and maybe a little fabric or rickrack, added in!)

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Jackie said...

Cool! Thanks, Jenn. My favorite was the work of Jan Burch Cohran. Such an amazing jumble of colors and textures!