February 05, 2009

who knew???

who knew there were animal dental specialists, and that a dog could chip its tooth by chewing on a rawhide bone?? It just defies explanation... but, Bisbee is going to the doggy dentist tomorrow, to have a chip on one of her upper canine teeth looked at. We have no idea how it happened; she could have banged her head on the coffee table playing with Sedona, or chipped it on one of those infernal pieces of gravel she's always trying to eat. Hopefully it's nothing too terribly serious (or too expensive- did you know they can do root canals and crowns on dogs?!? I've been reading lots of canine dental info on the web, and it's making me a bit nervous about what to believe.

She has lots of years of chewing ahead of her (just no more ice cubes or big, honking huge chew bones, to be on the safe side--), so cross your fingers that it's something minor.

on the other hand, during all that surfing, I did find an interesting blog- Your Pet's Best Friend- (written by a vet) : check it out here.

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Mare said...

Good luck to Bisbee! The three dogs i had before this most recent pack all had great health...never had a problem...except for their teeth! Tartar buildup and just bad breath!