February 11, 2009

sneak peeks...

...of the latest creations to arise from the chaos of my art studio. I barely got it straightened up from the last project, and it's already a shambles again--so is the kitchen table and island at the moment, too! (I've tried, really I have, but I can't find anyplace better to heat-emboss than the kitchen counter.) These close-ups are all I want to show of my valentine mail-art, till the recipients get them- I want them to be surprised, after all, and I know some ofthem read my blog. Hopefully all the cards will make it to their destinations safely- I never know what the Post Office thinks about this kind of mail, but I will find out tomorrow! (can you guess from the photos what I used for the base of the cards?? It's something that you can find pretty much everywhere, but it's not a "traditional" papercrafting supply.)
Paper, paint, stamping (and embossing), glue, and scissors- it was definitely my kind of project!! I will be really interested to hear what the recipients think of them; they're certainly not the usual "pretty" Valentine's Day cards you can find in a store, that's for sure!


Jackie said...

corrugated cardboard?

crimsoncat05 said...

dang, I thought it might have been harder than that to figure it out! The people I work with think I'm strange, for trolling thru the recycle for art materials, but I really like how it looks. They're going in the mail this afternoon; you'll have to let me know what you think of yours when you get it!!

Aimeslee said...

I have sent postcards in the mail to peeps, but all of them in an envie! Boo, I know, but I am so afraid my art will be damaged! LOL

And thanks for confirming I'm not the only one to messy up 3 or 4 desks at one time in 3 rooms, lol.

I sure hope you will share the entire photos next week!

Looks yummy!

Happy Day O Love!