February 09, 2009

Monday links...

...that I don't want to lose. I was blog-hopping, as usual, and if I don't save them, I'll never find them again, cause I have no idea how I found them in the first place!

These two links: Mexico Connect (Day of the Dead Index) which has links to lots of other Day of the Dead info and articles;

and this one: The Dead Come to Life in Mexican Folk Art.

Maybe this will be the year I actually put up a Day of the Dead shrine in our house and visit some of the local celebrations... (Act!! and Explore!! and Home!! it fits all three of my words for the year!)


Jackie said...

Marigolds always make me think of Day of the Dead. One year Connie grew several different varieties of them and we made marigold garlands to hang around her front door. Will marigolds grown in your zone, Jenn?

crimsoncat05 said...

yes, Marigolds! I have seen them decorating a lot of shrines... I'll have to check if they'll grow here; they won't during the summer, I know that for sure- maybe people plant them later in the fall... (when we first moved here I planted containers of annuals and put them on our west-facing patio in the summer... big mistake!! Those poor flowers fried... I felt so bad, but I didn't know any better!)