September 24, 2008

a new link, and some randomness... d'blogala... the author of 1000 Art Journal Pages, one of my new books, chock-full of wonderfully inspiring art journal pages! (1000 of them!!!) I don't know how I missed her blog before; and, she lives here in the Valley of the Sun, too- how cool is that!

... still over 100 F for a daytime high temp here; it certainly doesn't seem much like fall yet! Hopefully soon... it was cool enough one night a couple weeks ago to open the windows and get a taste of the fresh night air, but since then it's been warmer again. other random news, I am now waiting impatiently for my new pair of eyeglasses to come in- it's been somewhere over 5 years since I've gotten eyeglasses, so my current pair of glasses is at least a couple prescriptions behind my contact lens prescription. I don't like wearing my glasses very often, but I know it's not good to wear contacts all the time. I think I will wear the glasses more often if they don't give me a headache. (I really liked the frames when I picked them out; I hope I still like them once I get them!)

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