June 09, 2008

trouble, anyone??

trouble, anyone??
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Sooo, we've had Bisbee for a week, now... with her, Sedona, and the two cats, it's like having a houseful of kids! And I was a single parent all weekend... Tom left on Friday for a business trip to the East Coast; he'll be back late Wednesday night. I got up around 5 am to feed her, run her around a little to get her digestive system moving, then put her in her crate for a nap (and go back to sleep myself, while I had a chance!). Then, when all the pets are up and about, I keep one eye on the pets and one eye on what I'm doing- which means I haven't had time to do much of anything else! I watched part of the French Open finals and part of the Nascar race... I did rent a few DVDs (I've started to watch Season 1 of The Tudors, which is really good, by the way); this way, I can hit the Pause button to rush outside with the puppy or intervene in any pet disputes that come up. How about a pet nanny... any takers? (just kidding- sort of!)


Mare said...

OhhhBoy! She's got that look in her eye like she is a handful! My Zinnia has that look too (that's why i recognize it! ;)She's a cutie!Isn't it amazing how life changes when you get a puppy???

Jeanne said...

I came across your blog today. I live in Phx. Nice to find another desert dweller out there! It seemed coincidental to see the pictures of your shelties tonite - we had a beloved sable Sheltie that would've have been 15 yrs old today but he's no longer with us.
:( He's been on my mind all day - it was nice seeing your cute pets.