May 26, 2008

we're back!

It was truly a whirlwind trip to Seattle... we had waaay too much stuff we wanted to do, and no way we were going to fit it all in. So, we will just have to go back sometime!! (I already knew I wanted to go back, because I want to see Mount St. Helens and the Buchart Gardens in British Colombia... plus, lots of other things!)

We toured the Museum of Flight (where we went aboard an old Air Force One plane and a Concorde!); we saw a tiny bit of Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle; we took a drive over the Cascade mountains (very dramatic views of snow covered peaks and waterfalls from melting snow!) and we visited a small town called Leavenworth (a Bavarian-style tourist mecca with mountains in the background); and we had brunch at the top of the Space Needle. We also managed to catch a glimpse of Mount Ranier through the clouds as we flew home (apparently the mountains are fickle, and don't always want to be seen- they spend a lot of time hidden up in the clouds).

Pictures will definitely follow, once we get them off the camera and see what all we have! Today is a lazy day of relaxing and maybe grilling out, before going back to the daily grind of work. (daily grind- a bit of Seattle coffee humor, get it?? okay, so I'm still tired... but I tried!)

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Mare said...

Welcome Home! I'm looking forward to pictures! :) mare